The Department of Informatics and Economic Cybernetics within the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics has the role of ensuring the highest level of professional training in the fields of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics.

The mission of the Department is to prepare students who have graduated from high school, to support postgraduate training of economists and teachers in high schools, to develop theoretical and practical research in the field of Computer Science and Cybernetics and to provide the bibliographic support for the theoretical and practical training .

Since the emergence of the first commercial computer, the field of Informatics and Economic Cybernetics has considerably widened a rapidly growing dynamic. However, experts in the field agree on the observation that we are still in the early days of "computer revolution". Recent developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the results of distribution and communications processing, the increasing processing speed and lower hardware costs have led to a wider use of the computer, covering all socio-economic areas. Marketing, finance and management experts use IT solutions to process, store and analyze information in order to make future decisions.

The field of Informatics and Economic Cybernetics is one of the top preferences for employers and future professionals because the economic and research area still faces a small number of managers able to use cybernetic and IT solutions to solve their own problems and because of the constant need and high demand for qualified staff , able to develop solutions for complex problems.
These two shortcomings offer real opportunities for a future career in the field of Computer Science and Cybernetics. Most graduates have found a job with renowned IT companies, banking and insurance, audit and consulting. Growing demand for consultants, analyst systems, programmers, data administrators, project managers, counseling techniques and business analysts provides a promising prospect for a job.

Training in Computer Science and Cybernetics proves to be useful and necessary in other socio-economic fields such as finance, accounting, international trade, operational statistics and research, marketing, human resource management, business and economic analysis.


Adresa:  Departamentul de Informatică și Cibernetică Economică, sala 2314, etajul 3, clădirea Virgil Magearu, Str. Calea Dorobantilor  nr. 15-17, Sector 1, Bucuresti, 010552, Romania

Telefon:  (+40) 021 319 19 00 / int 310

E-mail: dice@ase.ro

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