INFOREC – the Association for Promoting the Economic Informatics Education

INFOREC – the Association for Promoting the Economic Informatics Education – is a non-profit-making, non-political, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1993 by the Departments of Economic Informatics members. The organization’s goal is to promote and support the Economic Informatics education. In order to achieve this goal, the following activities are carried on:

  • organization of the International Conference on Economic Informatics
  • organization of – and support offered to – the students, professional contests and sessions of scientific information exchange
  • publishing of a specialized journal
  • granting scholarships for cultural interchange, for documentation and research, for the training staff and students
  • initialization of international exchange of software, reviews, specialized bibliography
  • organization of training courses in Economic Informatics for the academic staff
  • finding sponsors, coordination and facilitation of financing the activities initiated by the association.

Since 1996,  the association had its own publishing house: INFOREC.

The president of the association is Prof. Ion Gh. Roşca, PhD.

Contact Information:

  • INFOREC Association
  • Calea Dorobanti 15-17, Sector 1,
  • Bucharest, 010552, Room 2418
  • Phone/Fax:  (+4)-021.319.19.91
  • E-mail:


Project Management Romania Association

Project Management Romania is a private law subject, autonomous, non-profitable, nongovernmental, with no political influence.

According to its Statute, Project Management Romania initiates, supports and organizes project management activities in all the economic and social fields, especially in the education and research areas.

Project Management Romania has succeeded to obtain the formal recognition of the Project Manager profession in Romania by the Labor Ministry, in the context of a wider effort to raise the awareness of the economic and academic communities regarding project management.

Project Management Romania elaborated the first Romanian standard in Project Management, the National Competence Baseline, adopted in 2002 as Romanian Standard 13465:2002.

In 2003 the Project Management Romania association started the certification Program. At the moment 100 certificated (level A, B, C and D) were granted.

Project Management Romania elaborated and published the first Romanian Project Management glossary of term in 2002 at Economic Printing House. Bucharest. Members of Project Management Romania financially sustained the printing of this work.

It has also organized (alone or in collaboration with other organizations) project management-related events (local or international scientific conferences. seminars, workshops. exhibitions and other similar actions).

The members of the association are involved in educational activities in the project management field through courses held at various Universities in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, Braşov, Constanţa).

The association has distributed Information concerning the activity of other local and international organizations in the project management field.

Creating and developing collaboration links with other persons/organizations from Romania or abroad and initiating contacts with public/private organizations using all the legal means (association. partnership and other similar) is performed in order to achieve the purpose of the association.

Disseminate its research results. as well as information from partner associations by mass media, to edit and print books, journals, reports, recommendations, studies and other kinds of specific materials. Develops a Documentation Centre, with books, audio and videotapes, computer programs related to the Association purpose.

Project Management Romania provides its members with the following services:

  • educational services;
  • access to information distributed by the association and to the Document Center;
  • communication with other members in the form of electronic newsgroups and forums with project management topics;
  • enterprises are supported in the process of adapting to and implementing project-oriented approaches.

The Computerized Project Management Master program is sustained by the Romanian Project Management Association.

Contact Information:


Romanian Econometric Society Association

Romanian Econometric Society (RES) Association is a professional, scientific and academic association whose members are academics, researchers, PhD students and specialists in econometrics, data analysis, economic modeling, mathematical, quantitative economics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Romanian Econometric Society Association has the following fundamental aims:

  • development, quality improvement and growth of the Romanian education and research econometrics, economic analysis and quantitative data, in accordance with the concerns and scientific achievements in this field internationally;
  • increasing national and international visibility of Romanian school of econometrics and quantitative economics, promoting the country and overseas concerns and scientific results obtained by the Romanian specialists in this field;
  • promoting, supporting, extending and improving the econometric and quantitative approaches modern use of models and econometric techniques and quantitative methods, statistical and mathematical tools use advanced software tools dedicated to econometrics and quantitative analysis in scientific research and higher education specialized in economic theory and practice to develop Romanian;
  • development and improvement of educational systems and programs aimed at training specialists in the field of econometrics, economic analysis and quantitative data;
  • growing contribution from the econometrics scientific community and economy in the scientific quantitative strategies and macroeconomic policy decisions of Romanian government institutions;
  • stimulation and development of scientific and educational publication specializing in econometrics and quantitative economics;
  • up and running complex programs supporting basic and applied research in econometrics, economic analysis and quantitative data;
  • the promotion of genuine integrity of professional, scientific and moral profile within the scientific community, reporting and discouraging plagiarism activities and scientific publications in the field of econometrics, economic analysis and quantitative data;
  • support, protect and defend the professional, scientific and academic research community and university members of the econometrics and quantitative economics, as provided by a Romanian and European legislation in force.

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