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The Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics, within the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, includes the section of Economic Informatics, the Chair of Economic Informatics and the laboratories of Economic Informatics.

The Department mission is to prepare the graduate students, to assist the postgraduate training of the economists and of the teachers in high-schools, to develop theoretical and applied research and to write papers for theoretical and practical training.

Since the introduction of the first commercial computer, the Economic Informatics & Cybernetics field has considerably widened; however, the experts in the field agree upon the observation that we are still in the early days of the “computer revolution”. The recent developments on the ICT field, the results obtained in the distributed processing and in communications, the ever higher speed calculation and the decreasing hardware cost led to a wider use of the computer. The marketing, finance and management experts use it for processing, storing and analyzing information with a view to making further decisions. The main reason of a still limited Economic Informatics & Cybernetics field is the scarcity of managers able to use the com-puter for solving their own problems, as well as the insufficiency of the qualified personnel – trained in developing the complex problems required. These two shortcomings offer opportunities for a future career in Economic Informatics. All graduates have found a job. The rising demand for management consulting, management and Economic Informatics Knowledge, systems analysts, project managers, accounting managers, technical advisers offer promising perspectives.
The Economic Informatics & Cybernetics training is needed also in other fields, as finance, accounting, international trade, marketing, statistics and operation research, management of human resources, economic and business forecasting.