Bucharest University of Economic Studies

The history of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies starts with the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies in Bucharest that was founded in accordance with the law adopted by the Royal Decree No. 2972 at 6 April 1913 and published in the Official Gazette on 13 April 1913.

Since then the institution has changed its name several times. Starting with 1967 the institution name is Academy of Economic Studies (AES). It is considered the most important university of economic higher education in Romania. At present it has 8,111 Romanian and foreign undergraduate students-budget in the full-time studies, 7,188 students-paying full taxes, and 2,256 students in distance learning. There are 10,908 Romanian and foreign students for master’s degree, 1,354 Romanian and foreign students at doctoral studies. There are 857 academic staff members and 933 administrative staff members.

Well noted personalities of the Romanian scientific and cultural life taught the Academy’s students: Nicolae Iorga, Virgil Madgearu, Gramoslav Mladenatz, Ion Angelescu, Stanislav Cihoschi, Spiridon Iacobescu, Ion Răducanu, Ion Tatuc and others are amongst them.

After December 1989, the university was reorganized, both in structure and curricula. The most recently reorganization took place in 2005 when the education process is structured based on Bologna accords.

The University of Economic Studies comprises eleven faculties, territorial centers, postgraduate studies institutes and several departments.


  • Accounting and Management Information Systems
  • Agrifood and Environment Economics
  • Business Administration (in Foreign Languages).
  • Commerce
  • Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics
  • Economics
  • Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange
  • International Business and Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Administration and Management

The head of the Academy is the Rector – Prof. Pavel NĂSTASE, PhD.

The vice-rectors are:

  • Prof. Nicolae ISTUDOR, PhD.
  • Prof. Constantin MITRUȚ, PhD.
  • Conf. Dorel Mihai PARASCHIV, PhD.
  • Lect. Robert ȘOVA, PhD.
  • Prof. Ion STANCU, PhD.
  • Prof. Gabriela TIGU, PhD.

Decisions are taken by the Senate, which has 97 members: 75% members of the academic staff and 25% students.

The Academy has several buildings in Bucharest, the Rector’s cabinet being in the oldest, main building. It also provides accommodation for students and academic staff in its 17 student houses (up to four beds per room) and two mini-hotels.

Contact Information:

  • Academy of Economic Studies
  • Piaţa Romană 6, sector 1, Bucharest, 010374
  • Phone: (+ 4)-021.319.19.00, (+ 4)-021.319.19.01
  • Fax:     (+ 4)-021.319.18.99
  • E-mail: rectorat@ase.ro
  • Web:    http://www.ase.ro


Other institutes and departments

Institutes for Postgraduate Studies:

  • The Romanian-French MBA: The National Institute for Economic Development (INDE).
  • The Romanian-Canadian MBA: The Higher Management School (SSPM).
  • The Romanian-German MBA: The Entrepreneurship Management Program
  • Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center.

The research within the Academy of Economic Studies is managed by the Department of Economic Research (set up in 1963).

Contact Information:

  •             Department of Economic Research
  •             Phone: (+4)-021.319.19.91
  •             E-mail: office@dce.ase.ro
  •             Web:    http://dce.ase.ro

On the international level the Academy of Economic Studies has close contacts with similar universities from France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Canada, Chile etc.