Informatica Economică

Informatica Economica JournalInformatica Economică journal is published by Department of Economic Informatics and INFOREC Association, with the support of Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation. Informatica Economică issues have appeared quarterly since 1997. Starting with 2001, there is a yearly issue in English language, and starting with 2007 all issues are in English language.

The Informatica Economică is B+ ranked by the CNCSIS and is indexed or listed in international databases and catalogs such as: DOAJ, ICAAP, Index Copernicus, Index of Information Systems Journals, INSPEC etc.

The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Ion IVAN, PhD.

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Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods

Journal of Applied Quantitative MethodsThe goal of the journal is to develop practical oriented quantitative methods and thus to encourage young researchers and industry specialists to apply new quantitative methods. The JAQM publish original papers and inter-disciplinary results. Each issue will be dedicated to an important topic from today main practical areas.

JAQM papers to have the following template:

  • Problem or model definition
  • Developed methods and algorithms
  • Data set loading
  • Software computations
  • Results analysis
  • Solution development.

JAQM aims that its papers to become the tools for anyone that faces with similar problems.

The Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods is B+ ranked by the CNCSIS.

The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Ion IVAN, PhD.

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Database Systems Journal

Database System JournalDATABASE SYSTEMS JOURNAL was founded in 2010 in Economic Informatics Department, within Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, and publishes quarterly issues with special topics. The objective of the journal is to promote theoretical and applied research in the field of databases and its aim is to fulfill the academic community’s demands on up to date information regarding databases and related technologies with new knowledge for developing theories and best practices. In the present, the journal in indexed in several international databases: Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Open J-Gate, Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities, RePEc.

The issues cover the following main topics: Data Warehouses, Column Oriented Databases, Distributed Databases, Information and Knowledge Engineering, Information Retrieval Systems, Data Mining Techniques, Data Security, Business Architectures, Web-Based Design and Development, Information Quality, Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

The journal’s quality is continuously improved, providing blind reviews, using templates in accordance with international standards, national indexing of National University Research Council (NURC) and including the journal in international databases.

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Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems

Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed SystemsThe Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems (JMEDS) is an open access peer reviewed and indexed international journal that publishes the latest results of researches and developed solutions in the field of mobile, embedded and distributed systems. The journal offers to engineers, software developers, mathematicians and scientists, the possibilities:

  • to present original ideas and research results;
  • to establish new collaborations within current and future research projects;
  • to establish academic collaborations;
  • to link the university research with the industry.

JMEDS aims to attract young researchers and to provide them a way to publish their work. Young researchers that are in the final year or have finished their PhD or MSc program in 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011, are invited to send a paper that describes personal contributions to any of the journal topics. JMEDS is an open journal that provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The Editor-in-Chief is Cristian TOMA, PhD.

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